New TR6 Ignition Upgrade for the Buick V6   Built in 2-step, Wastespark or Sequential, and many more features

New 2-Step Rev Limiter Unit that we are making.  Compatible with Buick V6,  3000GT/Stealth,  Supra  and more.

LTCC info
LTCC bracket pictures (Mallory/MBA)
LTCC bracket pictures (SunSpec Billet)
For the Mallory/MBA brackets, check out these guys:

The Sun Spec brackets are available directly from Sun Spec Billet Factory; Owner: Richi Patzwald 573-346-6929

Click below to purchase an LTCC interface and harness for 399.00 (includes shipping in the mainland U.S.)



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  • An LTCC kit includes the interface unit and harness.
  • This harness plugs between the LTCC unit and OEM(GM) coil harnesses, not into the coils themselves.
  • When shopping for coils, be sure to get the harnesses with them.
  • Most sets of coils in the junkyards and on Ebay come with these harnesses.
  • MSD coils do not work properly. LS1,  LS2, and LS7 coils have been the best.   LS2 coils (12573190) are very popular.
  • The round body truck coils with the metal fins (19005218) DO NOT WORK
  • We recommend Magnecor plug wires,  an alternative is the Taylor SpiroPro wires. 
    • Magnecor wires generally need to be custom made for your application.
    • SpiroPro wires can be assembled to fit.  Use a Cut-yourself HEI kit and an LT1 terminal and boot kit. 


Translator MAFs
Translator Samurai install in a GN
My new Stealth R/T Twin Turbo
DSM and 3S files

Phil Adams update

Video of Mike Malloy's Translator Pro equipped Supra

Another Video of Mike Malloy's killer Supra.  543 hp, MAFT Pro

Donnie Short 10.84 on his first trip out with the MAFT Pro

Scott’s Twin Turbo Stage 2

Video of 2003 EVO8 on a dyno, Speed Density with MAFT Pro

How to log with TunerPro

More logging details

Loading a new BIN file into a Translator Pro

Setting COM ports

video of my 1991 Stealth RT/TT NEW Engine Startup!!